LWA Sevilleta antennas installed

After a lot of hard work under the New Mexico Sun, the LWA-SV team has just completed building and installing all 256 antennas. The next step will be installing the backend analog signal processing systems, and the digital signal processing systems (which will be powered by a modified version of the LEDA correlator).

LWA Construction at Sevilleta

The Long Wavelength Array (LWA) team have been busy installing a new station of 256 antennas at Sevilleta, New Mexico. The signal processing for this new station is based upon the LEDA correlator; we’ve been busy modifying our firmware and software for the Sevilleta site. You can follow their status on the LWA facebook page.

Caltech Press Release

Caltech have just put out a press release about the all-sky imaging capabilities of the Long Wavelength Array station in Owens Valley California. It includes a time-lapse video of the radio sky as seen from Owens Valley, made with data from the LEDA correlator.