Third Announcement: Invited speakers and final call for abstracts

Dear Colleagues,

The Science at Low Frequencies III meeting will take place at Caltech from December 7-9 (Wed-Fri) 2016. Details on logistics, accommodation, registration and submission of abstracts for contributed talks and posters can be found at the conference website -

Registration and abstract submission will close on November 10, or earlier if the conference capacity is reached (120 people).

Scientific Rationale

A slew of new radio telescopes, as well as substantial upgrades to existing facilities, has led to an explosive growth in capability at low radio frequencies. This increase in capability is driving exciting progress over a range of fields, including high redshift 21-cm signatures of cosmic dawn and the epoch of reionization, pulsars and transients, planetary and exoplanetary magnetospheres, sky surveys, space weather and the Sun, cosmic rays and the ionosphere. This meeting will provide a forum to share and discuss early science results and techniques, as well as to plan a coordinated path forward to next generation facilities.


  • Session A: Telescope status and updates
  • Session B: Techniques, calibration and new instrumentation
  • Session C: Imaging Surveys
  • Session D: Cosmic Dawn and the Epoch of Reionization
  • Session E: Clusters, Halos, Relics
  • Session F: Galaxies
  • Session G: The Milky Way
  • Session H: Pulsars, transients, variables and SETI
  • Session I: Solar System, Space Weather and the Ionosphere
  • Session J: Looking Ahead

Invited Speakers

  • LOFAR: current status, achievements and future plans - Roberto Pizzo [ASTRON]
  • MWA Update - Randall Wayth [ICRAR/Curtin]
  • LWA (New Mexico) Update - Jayce Dowell [U. New Mexico]
  • uGMRT Update - Yashwant Gupta NCRA-TIFR]
  • VLA/VLITE/LOBO Update - Tracy Clarke - [Navy Research Laboratory]
  • A First Peek at HERA - Aaron Parsons - [UC Berkeley]
  • CHIME Status - Keith Vanderlinde [U. Toronto]

  • Science from Surveys - Jim Condon [NRAO]
  • Pulsars at Low Frequencies - Vlad Kondratiev [ASTRON]
  • Transients - Antonia Rowlinson [U. Amsterdam] tbc
  • 21-cm cosmology: from theory to observations - Cath Trott [ICRAR/Curtin]

  • Dual LWA Station Observations of Meteor Radio Afterglows - Ken Obenberger [Air Force Research Laboratory]
  • Cosmic Rays and Air Showers Through the Eyes of Digital Radio telescopes - Anna Nelles [UC Irvine]
  • Clusters in the LOFAR Two-meter Sky Survey - Timothy Shimwell - [Leiden]
  • Deep and sharp imaging with LOFAR: revealing the evolution of AGN - Wendy Williams [U. Herfordshire]
  • HI 21cm absorption and emission studies at high redshifts - Nissim Kanekar [NCRA-TIFR]
  • Juno mission Update - George Hospodarsky [U. Iowa]

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Gregg Hallinan - Caltech (chair)

  • Melanie Johnston-Hollitt - Victoria University of Wellington

  • Greg Taylor - University of New Mexico

  • David Kaplan - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

  • Cath Trott - ICRAR/Curtin

  • George Heald - CSIRO

  • Rene Vermeulen - ASTRON

  • Tracy Clarke - Naval Research Laboratory

  • Jason Hessels - University of Amsterdam / ASTRON

  • Danny Jacobs - Arizona State University

  • Yashwant Gupta - NCRA-TIFR

Local Organizing Committee

  • Marin Anderson - Caltech

  • Michael Eastwood - Caltech

  • Ryan Monroe - Caltech

  • Harish Vedantham - Caltech

  • Joseph Lazio - JPL

  • Gregg Hallinan - Caltech