LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA O4 Landscape

Authors: Ajisha Sajayan, Kaustubh Jha (IIT Kanpur) & Kunal Mooley (IIT Kanpur, Caltech)
Reference: GCN 34968


Caption: Solid points denote the gravitational-wave (GW) events from the O4 run (scheduled between May 2023 and ~December 2024) and faint points denote the events from runs O1-O3. BNS/NSBH implies either Binary neutron star (BNS) or that there is ambiguity between BNS and neutron star-black hole (NSBH) merger classification (e.g. MassGap). NSBH/BBH implies either NSBH or binary black hole merger (BBH). Hover over the data points to view Event IDs, merger classifications, and false alarm rates (FARs in units of per year). Only FAR<1 per year events are considered here.

O4 Superevents (FAR < 1 per yr) (rehashed from

Acknowledgements: O3-O4 events are from The O1-O2 events are from GWTC-1 and Wikipedia. Gregg Hallinan group for hosting the page on the tauceti server.

Last updated: 2024-06-23